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Dread Unicorn Games Gods and Icons Upgrade Pack 13th Age

Let’s Do the Time Loop Again!

When it’s time to run a deja vu session, all over again. With TPK sauce. And make it fun.

mind flayer on a giant croc

Holiday Rush

To get your printed book or deck of cards in time for the holidays, better order soon!


Gelatinous Dragon

Sometimes a GM reaches for the right monster, and pulls out a gelatinous dragon.


Recipe for Adventure

Short of prep time? Watch a movie!

as above so below


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Now that we’re partnering with Indie Press Revolution (IPR), you can pick up Gods and Icons and the Gods and Icons Player’s Companion at your Friendly Local Game Store! A great way to support gaming and your community.

Which stores? Check here.

If they don’t have it in stock, ask them to order it from IPR.


And see our Brick & Mortar PDF Guarantee

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Gods and Icons, 13th Age, Dread Unicorn Games
Art by JeShields

Games that challenge your players, Games that take you further, push the game beyond what you’ve come to expect. Games that go past Eleven.

Gods and Icons; Dread Unicorn Games; 13th AgeGods and Icons; Dread Unicorn Games; 13th Age

The latest Dread Unicorn release is Gods and Icons a supplement for the award winning 13th Age roleplaying game. Meet 28 new gods, new icons, talents, races, and magic items.

Gods and Icons is available now.